Kimberly Cullen

Kimberly Cullen

Madrid, Spain

I am a thoughtful and committed educator, a third culture kid, a writer, a mentor and a counselor/coach with twenty three years of experience in international education. I care deeply about young people and how they learn and grow, and about how leaders lead. I feel strongly that a one-size-fits all education is outdated and that schools must change. I support developing education leaders, including, and especially, women.

Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Global Create-a-thon
What happens when you give students a high visibility space in the community to present their creative projects and then give them a day to create art, animations, drawings, photographs, stop action,
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
CommunityShare transforms cities into human libraries through an online platform and offline relationships that connect local community expertise and knowledge to real-world learning experiences with
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Sistema Global
We fulfill the vision of El Sistema movement at a global scale: a social program that pursues the goals of social engagement and youth empowerment through ensemble music education. We are a model for