Kevin M Thomson
Ambassador, Advisory

Kevin M Thomson

Reading, United Kingdom

The Dynamic Dyslexic - Disability Champion - Lifelong Frustrated Musician - Innovator - UK Music Education SEN-D Patent Application - BETT Show 2018 & Music Drama Expo 2019 Beta Launch 'The Emoji School of Music' - Author numerous FT/Pitman & Wiley books on Marketing, Communication, Employee Engagement - Hon. Prof. Birmingham University - Award Winning Toys & Employee Engagement Programmes - International Speaker- Chairman MCA (sold to WPP) Marketing & Communication Agency - Serial Challenger To The 'Way we do things around here!'

(Having just read what I have written, I realise this is not 'About me'. This is about my/our Vision - Mission - Passion in what we are developing under 'The WOWW Business' to change the way 'we do things around here' both with Financial Education and Music Education: And a 'white label'platform that lets others use the tools and technology to transform education with our Quizualize and Quizualearn Survey Platform - so here goes...)

At school in the 1960's (I was a long-haired Hendrix loving hippy!) I wanted to be a teacher. Then by accident 'fell' into marketing, then employee communication and ended up being....a teacher, trainer, international speaker, author, entrepreneur and ambassador/global board member of an international communication organisation and Fellow of the Institute of Marketing. Phew! And along the way too (among other things).... an innovator in the field of personality and learning style profiling to help people to communicate, learn and understand what motivates them and others.  (Which is why we are building an amazing new LMSi platform under 'The WOWW Business' with our own survey systems called Quizualize  and Quizualearn. These are a combined Survey and LMSi platform. Quizualise LMSi = Learning Motivation + Style indicator. Quizualearn LMSi = Learning Method + Sensory indicator.  The first, Quizualize, incorporating MBTI + Kahneman (Fast and Slow thinking) + Colour & Design Psychology. The second Quizualearn, incorporating Felder-Silverman/VAKOG type of methodology but done around visual and sensory testing. Easier to take the tests than explain them!!!)   

My current passions build on this history of innovation (I am a Myers Briggs ENTP and serial inventor) and are centred on 'Wellbeing' - both Financial Wellbeing and latterly 'Wellbeing through Music Education'. Why these two? After a personal financial meltdown the critical importance of Wellbeing became my core passion - to help others. And after a lifetime of failure to be able to read or play music owing to what I now know as SEN-D issues of Dyslexia, ADHD and Meares/Irlens Syndrome (where notes on a page of sheet music 'jiggle') I have dedicated the last 4 years to developing and creating a Patent Application (really to do the desk research on put the intellectual rigour into the system) for a new method of Music Education. 

Now I am looking to find others to help, join, innovate, explore, promote, trail, test, improve etc on all the ideas that have gone into 'The Emoji School of Music'. And when we have launched 'The Money Mentor Club' to bring financial education into homes and schools as well. So nothing major!

Hope this all made any sense - if you got this far. I have discovered my dyslexic brain tends to throw everything into long sentences! Thanks for reading this if you did get this far. Kevin

More below on why HundrED....

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

Why? Innovate Music Education - and join HundrED?  


 1/ The 'prior art' of the 500 attempts to create new Patents of Music Systems all talk in one way or another of the 'six inconsistencies' of the 1,000 year old, Guido D'Arezzo's Traditional Notation System (TNS). In short it's REALLY difficult to learn, teach, play - and that's why 95% of people give up around the age of 11 - or never bother - or never go back to it. See our YouGov UK Benchmark. It's really sad reading. So, for EVERYBODY, not just SEN-D something needs to be done to teach the TNS with a millennium of sheet music notation in our collective history banks - folk, classical, jazz, pop, rap and every genre you can think of 

2/ Of the 500 attempts NOT ONE tries to address the 20% of the population - at every age - and especially younger and/or older - with SEN-D issues. Hence my passion to try to 'fix' that issue and create something I now call F.A.S.T! Music Education - That's Fun - (and critically) Accessible - Simple - Teachable. I say its 'Triple A Learning' For every Age - every Ability - every Aptitude.

3/ Sadly, and as a result (in my opinion) of music learning being difficult, and time consuming and daunting - for EVERYBODY not just SEN-D it seems almost to be in terminal decline in schools. It's not a part of STEM in too many minds or practices. AND YET - music is the ONLY mental activity to not only boost 'wellbeing' but also to boost 'brain power' and also 'brain recovery' as a wellbeing activity. But this is of no use to anyone is its just 'too difficult'. See our YouGov benchmark feedback again.

So my Passion is to 'spread the word'. What better place than Hundred.ORG! (I hope!!!)  

How can education support students to flourish?

Music Education - through promoting the massive benefits of personal and community wellbeing when we can sight read, sight sing, play, mentor family members or teach music.

Financial Education - thorugh the massive benfits throughout life on being financially capable, in good financial health which leads to financial wellbeing and through finding how to counter the downs as well as the ups in life by understanding the 'stress' that financial personality put us under when we flip from 'fast' to 'slow' thinking as defined by the Nobel Prize winning way we think by Daniel Kaheneman.

What role does innovation play in education change?

After 1,000 years of Traditional Music Notation TNS and over 500 recorded/Patent attempts to cahnge Music Learning - and add in Kodaly and Suzuki - yet 95% of housleholds do not have a music instrument (US stats) then something needs innovating to change it. Is it by adding the two global languages of Color and Emoji to the global langauge of Music to bring it into the 21st Century. That's our take on innovation in education. Bring it up to date!

Guido D'Arezzo innovated in the 11th Century with three things - 1/ The Music Staff of lines and spaces 2/ Solfege 3/ The 'Guidonian Hand' as it is called for a mult-snesory way of learning music. I've added colour and emojis to all three! 

Three HundrED innovations you love. (and Why?)

I'm biased around 'wellbeing' so here goes. That's why I love them! Simple really.

1. Want to place wellbeing at the heart of education? Charlie Scudamore says it all "The beauty of this is the innovation lies in rediscovering and re-learning what the true purpose of education is."

2. GiveThx is a research-based curriculum and app for schools that nurtures positive behaviors and relationships using peer-to-peer gratitude - Give Thx - because GIVE is the last - but (for me) the most important of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing - UK Govt. Office for Science Wellbeing prgrammes created out of global reserach by NEF - the New Economics Foundation.

3.   Want to support the individual needs of students and teach communication skills? - Because to communicate I.e to CONNECT is the first Way to Wellbing. 

Put these three toghether - and add a (BIG) dash of Music Education (anybody's - not jsut ours) and WOWW! Ways Of Wellbeing Workouts are the 'way to go'!  

Three innovations you would love for HundrED to know about. (and Why?)

The WOWW Business we are developing is working on the following that we hope to put into HundrED innovations

1. The Money & Mummy Mentors - for School & Home Teaching of Financial Wellbeing

2. The Music & Mummy Mentors - for School & Home Teaching of Musical Wellbeing

3. Quizualize & Quizualearn - LMSi's - Understanding what motivates your learning and what method you use. These are both part of 1 and 2.