Kevin Fullbrook
Ambassador, Academy

Kevin Fullbrook

حولي, Kuwait

Deputy Director, Al-Bayan Bilingual School, Kuwait. International educator passionate about innovation and how groups of people learn and grow together.

My name is Kevin Fullbrook and I am currently the Deputy Director at Al-Bayan Bilingual School in Kuwait. I started my education career in a small, remote school in the middle of Australia. I have since been lucky enough to work in a range of different schools throughout Australia, China and the Middle East.

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

I am passionate about education and the right of children anywhere on the globe, regardless of their background or circumstances, to have access to the best education possible. To this end, educators need to work together on a global scale to share best practice, the latest ideas, and to work together to improve the quality of education everywhere. I wanted to become a HundrED Ambassador to be able to do my small part by sharing and spreading the great work of others to as wide an audience as possible.

What role does innovation play in education change?

Innovation in education is crucial today because it has been missing for so long. As educators we can sometimes become very comfortable within our structures and routines, and advocate for a school system that worked for us as students. Unfortunately, with rapid advancements in technology, globalization and a changing workforce (and changing skills required to be successful within it), we need examples of innovative practice to be shared and discussed more widely and more rapidly.

Three HundrED innovations you love. (and Why?)

I love the 'Mastery Transcript' as a way to better reflect the individuality of each student and their relative strengths. Each student gets an opportunity to demonstrate their learning in their own way.

The 'pi-top' modular laptop is a wonderful concept that allows students to 'build' their own laptop with various combinations of components to achieve certain tasks. With a focus on problem solving and creativity, as well as coding, it is a wonderful tool to encourage exploration of coding in new and different ways.

'Newsela' is a great site that we have used before to give bilingual and second language learners a relevant and connected way to develop their language skills, especially comprehension, in interesting ways.