Keepers Child  Safety

Keepers Child Safety

Jerusalem, Israel

The fact that modern children get their first smartphones at a very young age created two serious and growing problems that parents and children are facing cyberbullying and screen addiction. Keepers provides innovation and cutting edge solution for both problems, at the same time respects the child's privacy.

Keepers is an AI-based parental control app that protects children from cyberbullying and pedophilia and predators. The algorithm we have developed smartly identifies problematic messages on the child’s smartphone and alerts the parents in real-time. Keepers gives you a full panoramic view of your children’s communication and habits in their digital life. And informs when your children are in a life-threatening situation, deriving from their online life, both physically and mentally.

There are two classic approaches: totally trust - to believe that the children's self-judgment will guide them to do the right decisions. Second, a verbal agreement between teens and parents allowing them to check their child’s phone and social accounts at any time. Our innovative approach allows parents to combine these two together while monitoring children's activities by preserving their privacy and standing in all GDPR standards.

Keepers belongs to open monitoring parental tools category but we took this solution one step forward. Keepers’ advantages in the ability to monitor social media platforms without requesting children passwords. Keepers solution can detect different EU languages and dialects in contrast to others mostly English supported solutions. Also, we understand that we need to provide a tool for the parent to educate their children better. Therefore, we are working with different psychologists to provide an educational solution and not only a technical solution.

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

Besides the growing problem of online violence, in particular, cyberbullying became the need for innovating and efficient tool that may help parents to protect their children. Thus we created Keepers' to fulfill our superior vision to save as much as possible children's lives all over the world and on the same hand to create a better and safer digital environment.

HundrED Community contains not one but numerous projects addressing digital wellbeing of teenagers and younger children. We deeply believe in educational processes that they may create significant changes and influence not even one generation. For this common interest and mission, Keepers' team would like to be a part of this community.

How can education support students to flourish?

Education is not only about how the student should behave and punish them if their behavior is not suitable to the local norms. The educational process is also ingraining of good habits to the students that may help them to achieve better results in school and in adult lives. More than that, education is to teach them positive and important values that will guide their behavior and chooses in the future. In general, education is to create in young age the adult that you would like to see beside you in the future. 

By detecting and alerting parents about inappropriate and offensive contents in young children's conversation we would like to create collaboration and communication between the parents and their children. During this process, the information that we provide may be used by parents to start having conversations with their children about the most relevant topics and guide the child to combat with difficult situations in their lives. 

What role does innovation play in education change?

Innovation helps us to find new dimensions that may be used in education processes. Innovation creates tools that help us in the educational process to achieve better and more effective results. Innovation push student toward creative and open-minded thinking processes. In the area when all the world moves forward we cannot leave our educational processes behind, it should combine innovative approaches, tools and measures to success. 

Three HundrED innovations you love. (and Why?)

We would like to highlight three projects that are sharing the same main purpose as Keepers application, the digital wellbeing of teenagers and younger children. 

The first innovation we loved is "MeeTwo" that allows young people to post their problems, share solutions, access educational resources and receive expert help. Due to the fact that young people are avoiding sharing hard and intimate experiences with adults force our society to create supportive and friendly tools like this.

The second innovation is "GiveTnx" that allows students and staff to use digital thank you notes and reflections to recognize and reinforce healthy behaviors, relationships, and self-esteem. GiveThx provides school leaders a means to monitor daily student and staff positive behaviors, fostering healthy school culture and belonging for all. We believe that by ingraining positive habits, this innovation may change the negative environment that is dominant in schools and leads to violence between student and toward the staff.

The last innovation is "Active School Day" that makes it possible to be physically active for an hour during each school day. This Model increases the physical, mental and social well-being of the whole school community and at the same time, it promotes learning. We agree with this approach, by engaging young children toward physical activities on a daily basis will create an only positive influence both on their mental and physical wellbeing especially in our digital area when young children are not used to have frequent physical activities.

Three innovations you would love for HundrED to know about. (and Why?)

Here will like to introduce several innovations that have created wonderfull and useful tools and of course they are our friends.

The first is "Anima" this innovation offers software designed to detect and monitor changes in a child's behavior based on their freehand drawings done on a touchscreen. Anima uses guidelines to track the child's performance in real-time in order to alert a designated adult if abnormal behavior is detected. This innovation targets very young children auditory that still cannot express themselves verbally but can use their drawings skills to express their fillings and struggles. The problem that adults are not always interpreting these drawings correctly, thus this innovation meets this exact need. 

The second, "Allerguard" is a food allergy detection device that analyzes the vapors of your meal, alerting you to any allergen particles down to the maximum level of allergens allowed by the International Food Industry deemed safe for consumption. This tool helps to improve the life quality of allergic people and build their confidence to take part in regular and common events that involved food, events that in the past could be life-threatening activities for these people. 

The last innovation is "eggXYt" is revolutionizing the livestock industry through cutting edge science that saves 8 billion male chicks from unnecessary incubation and maceration, combining animal welfare and economic efficiency. By developing a technology that enables sex detection of chick embryos immediately after the eggs are laid and before they enter the 21-day incubation process. This innovation has both humanization and environment impacts that are crucial in our days.