Kathija  Yasmin

Kathija Yasmin

Madurai, India

An educator and a skill trainer with a driven desire to make a difference in the field of Training and development. Holds a wide record of experiential training to school, University students, teachers and employees of different ages and backgrounds. Life coach-Motivational speaker-Education innovator-Curriculum developer.

An education innovator, cost effective learning resources developer ,motivational speaker, teacher trainer who uses experiential & theatrical activities and other art forms to make learning and teaching fun.
Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

I wanted to be a part of hundred because I wanted to uplift the quality of education and the educators in my community through innovative and inclusive practices that's been shared here. 

How can education support students to flourish?

Education is the most powerful weapon in this world that can make or break the values of the entire nation. A quality education will definitely lead to a society of healthy professionals. 

What role does innovation play in education change?

As change is the only word that can't change, there is an inevitable need for every educator to update and equip ourselves with new innovative practices and skills required for the fast changing world to match the learning requirements of generations to come. The role of innovation in education is to innovate, innovate and innovate. 

Three HundrED innovations you love. (and Why?)


it is one of the best innovation in inculcating inclusive practices among students.


it creates a space for student to explore, create, make and share their works of art with the greater community which gives freedom for the children to express themselves.


It promotes multilingualism that enhances the quality of the cross cultural learning which is the best about this program.

Three innovations you would love for HundrED to know about. (and Why?)


One of the best teacher training academy in India


One of the most innovative school which is like an amusement centre where no child will hate learning.


Japan Innovative Schools Network supported by OECD which promotes new educational systems required in the 21st century, through globally collaborating research activities and operationalizing educational field practices.