Jacob Sule

Jacob Sule

, Nigeria

Sule Jacob Olaoluwa is the Executive Director of iRead To Live Initiative- a non- profit organization that advocates for the rights of children to education in Nigeria. As a 2019 Law graduate, Jacob is a non-education professional who cares about education and has consistently advocated for quality education for children in Nigeria through his organization. He believes that quality education needs ALL. Jacob has published an article titled “Salvaging the Deplorable State of Primary Education in Nigeria” to show his continuous interest in education in Nigeria and advocacy through his non-profit - iRead To Live Initiative (www.ireadtolive.org)

About me

Jacob Sule is a 2019 law graduate of Osun State University in Nigeria. He also holds a bachelor degree in Public Administration from Lead City University in Nigeria. Jacob is committed to changing education in local rural areas through his advocacy for quality education. As a law student, he founded a non-profit organization called the iRead to Live Initiative engaging more than 35 law students to go out into schools and support classrooms of teachers.

He and his team of volunteers use their mobile phones as hotspot to connect students through the use of technology to information, resources and classrooms around the world for global exchange.

As a TeachSDGs Ambassador, he has been able to work with government and the Ministry of Education to organize educational events, including Edcamp Nigeria (Nigeria' first Edcamp), the children's day to celebrate reading and literacy. This year, Jacob joined with the World's Largest Lesson Executive Director, Allison Bellwood, at a high-level event in Nigeria to discuss the importance of technology and innovation in education. He is currently working with Laura Flemming- a maker education leader to create a makerspace in Nigeria around the SDGs and recently travelled to Beijing, China to share about his commitment to the SDGs and quality education. 

Jacob fits into this category of educators changing the world considering all of his track records highlighted above, and having done all of these amazing projects while combining his rigorous study of law with the advocacy for improved learning conditions in Nigeria. 

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

I want to be a part of the HundrED Community because this community embraces education as the only tool for changing the world. With reference to educational background in Policy making and Law,  the HundrED community matches my growing career in the pursuit for advocating for access to quality education for all. I see a new community of changemakers with the HundrED community, hence my interest to be a part of this growing global network of educators.

How can education support students to flourish?

Education is a life-changing tool , and it can support students to flourish only when there are conducive learning environment 

What role does innovation play in education change?

Innovation exposes students to recent trends and contemporary issues in solving global crisis. The world is changing with new technologies and innovation, therefore, the role of innovation cannot be over emphasized. 

Innovation in education helps to bridge the gap in global connection whereas students can now have the opportunity of exchange programs with their peers in other parts of the world to share about their culture, curriculum and other global issues . Innovation in education helps to build students capacity and networking around the world.