Ivan Bogantsev
Ambassador, Advisory

Ivan Bogantsev

Moscow, Russia

Head of a private K12 school, located in Moscow — European Gymnasium. We are a young vibrant school excited about implementing educational innovations from around the world.


My name is Ivan Bogantsev, I am headmaster of a Moscow-based K12 private school. My experience in the field of education is, however, not as impressive as my position may assume. Having received my Bsc in philosophy from London School of Economics and my Msc from École Normale Supèrieure, Paris, I went on to work for the Polytechnic (Science) museum in Moscow, gradually taking the role of Deputy Director for education. I quit the museum after eight years and moved on to take up the role of a headmaster of European Gymnasium, a small K12 school and kindergarten in Moscow. This came to many (and myself!) as a surprise, given I have had no previous school experience. It did not prevent us, however, from launching an audacious reform aimed at reshaping all aspects of the school  environment — educational programs, management, design and architecture. We are now in the middle of this reform and I sincerely hope that my association with HundrED will both help us to pass safely through the turbulent period, and will allow others to learn from our experience.

How can education support students to flourish?

I think the most important thing that a school should give to a child is a sense of purpose. Teachers should help students identify and develop their very personal talents, so that they embark on a life that is distinctively theirs. Conversely, the most pernicious thing a school may do is to allow a child be misled, succumbing to pressures of family, community or his/her peers.