Ilse Abigail Téllez Hernández

Ilse Abigail Téllez Hernández

Guadalupe, Mexico

Teacher and educational leader of Teach for All Network. Passionate about youth education in social sciences.

Innovación Docente MX
La iniciativa consistió en crear una Red Colaborativa de Innovación y Formación Docente, una comunidad virtual de aprendizaje que tiene como objetivo la creación de conocimiento social a través de la
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
In Coschool we curate the best evidence-based practices to put together our ever-evolving pedagogical model called EDUMOCION (Education + Emotion + Experiences). The model uses experiential learning t
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Aula 42
Aula 42 empowers teachers throughout Latin America to develop 21st century skills in their students through Project Based Learning. Our teacher training program and platform of free, curriculum-aligne