Hemant Somasekharan

Hemant Somasekharan

Paro, BT

Teacher-Researcher at a school nestled in the Himalayas Loves self-directed online learning and reading non-fiction with the exception of Lee Child's fiction. Learning about life through my newly arrived teacher, our wonderful baby Kalyani Lynch-Hemant. Married to the extraordinary Joella Hannah Lynch.

Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
5 Areas of Development
5 Areas of Development is a practical model that changes the focus of education to be more holistic. The goal is to show that education must help learners actualise their potential in Cerebral, Emotio
Learner-owned comprehensive credentials anchored to the Blockchain
Blockcerts is an open standard for creating, issuing, viewing, and verifying blockchain-based certificates developed at the MIT Media Lab and by Learning Machine. These digital records are registered
Wholistic Teacher Development
Children learn when they are in a positive learning environment where curiosity and excitement are displayed by students & teachers. When students are able to see that their teachers are actively lear