Hector Grimaldo

Hector Grimaldo


My mission since becoming an educator has been clear. To bestow generous and humble traits upon students. Arm them with values that will shape them into the best versions of themselves. My mission is to make them realize that each of their “DREAMS” can come true, if they believe in them hard enough, and are willing to do what it takes to turn them into reality. My mission is to make each of my students confident enough to be the voice others want to listen to, - to be the life of the party, - to be eager to connect , share and speak their minds with others, - to be respectful and curious enough to listen to others, - to see each encounter and experience as a new and unique learning experience, - to be hungry to learn, develop, and surpass their expectations every day, - to be confident enough to share their ideas with the world while believing in their “DREAMS”, and lastly my mission is for my students to be committed in being part of Vietnam’s rapid development and for them to be part of the solutions to the problems that our World is facing today. I am the founder of Dreamland Eco English as well as a proud ambassador for the

Hello everyone! You may call me teacher “Son Goku.” I am a 28-year-old Mexican American teacher based in Hanoi, Vietnam with 5 years of teaching experience. I graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelor in International Business Administration. I am an adventurous, optimistic and friendly individual. Since a young age, my interest and energy were always spent outside, being active, making new friends, and exploring the limits of my imagination; my curiosity and courage constantly pushed me out of my comfort zone. I learnt to adapt, face and overcome new challenges by looking up to my parents. They are both educators in different fields. They have constantly shown me that the only real limits are the ones you set for yourself. Through my own professional experience, I have learnt that dreaming big brings positive results. Through my personal experience and by traveling, I have found that each encounter, conversation and person we meet is an opportunity to learn, adjust, grow and improve ourselves.

I am the founder of Dreamland Eco English. Dreamland strives to educate young learners through real life experiences and hands-on collaborative projects, while being sustainable and caring for the environment around us. Our outdoor lessons offer students real experiences and real face to face conversations. This method ignites their curiosity and eagerness not only with learning English, but also to develop their skills, attributes personal interests and strengths.

My mission is much more than simply improving the English level of my students. I want each one of my students to think critically and logically before acting. To be confident enough to be the star in the room, to be eager to speak their minds, listen to others and share their ideas with the world while believing in themselves. Lastly, for them to believe in themselves and in their DREAMS. By exposing them to real life problems which need real solutions, I want my students to be part of the solution. For them to act, not wonder, furthermore I want them to lead by example and help those in need. 

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

Since I've joined this community I have had nothing but amazing opportunities to meet like-minded people that are passionate about education and making a difference in the world. I believe that through collaboration, determination and consistency we will be able to tackle not only the problems that our respective communities face, but also the world.

Global Education week in Helsinki this past November 2019 was an experience of a lifetime. Being amongst inspiring educators and innovators from across the globe and all fields was inspiring to say the least. By sharing ideas and connecting we had an infinite pool of knowledge and experience all in one room. 

Going forward I look forward to keep connecting with fellow ideologists across the globe. I believe that together, we will be able to impact our world in a positive and meaningful way. We will be able to continue improving the educational system for our next generation as arm our students with the tools they will need to resolve the issues that our current generation is facing. 

How can education support students to flourish?

The magic of education is that it never stops. Non of us ever stop being students. One way or another we continue learning everyday, we learn to adapt to situations, we learn to mimic others we admire, we learn to anticipate and prepare, and we subconsciously strive to perfect the skills we already posses.

In order for a student to truly flourish and become the best versions of themselves, they must; 

- Find their passion, develop their interests, and discover their skills. By being curious and accepting failure as something that is needed to grow, students will build, guide and follow their own paths to reach their own definitions of success and happiness. By experimenting, and living real life lessons, students will understand that even though we are all chasing our own dreams. It is the journey and the path we follow to get there that is truly the most meaningful. 

-  In today's competitive society, students find it difficult to value themselves. To value their own skills and to believe in their dreams. While trying to keep up to fit the perfect cookie cutter standard of "what a student should be" students lose their inner fire that should be fueling their dreams and aspirations.  Students should value themselves, their ideas and the particular skills they dominate. They should feel proud of what they can do with ease and what they excel at, while accepting their weaknesses and seeking mentor-ship in order to improve. Each student should be proud of who they are, proud of what they can do, and hungry to learn from others.

- Education today seems like a straight line that each kid must follow in order to compete. Test scores, university applications, scholarships, and requirements all add up to pressure. While some students strive, others lose focus, lose interest, and give up on their dreams and on themselves. Pure education is about networking, connecting and support. No business, no successful person, and no organization has ever became successful by doing everything on their own. Life is about collaboration. Life is about networking and connecting with others that share your values and ideas. Life is about building support and helping others achieve their dreams. So why is it that our schooling system works that way?

- Through team-work, collaboration and partnership students will become proud mentors of others, and gladly become students as well. By realizing that everyone needs support. Students will open themselves and share their worries, stress, aspirations and dreams with others. By allowing students to network, not only in their schools, communities or even their own country for that matter, but rather the world! They will take it upon themselves to connect with others. By bestowing this idea, providing the tools, the encouragement and our support. They will find out that opening doors for themselves and connecting with others is actually quite doable and fun!

Lastly, since education truly never finishes. Our dreams shouldn't be achievable either. What I mean is that as we progress, as we improve and as we come closer to accomplishing our vision, our dreams and aspirations will too continue progressing. 

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" - Norman Vincent Peale

What role does innovation play in education change?

Innovation is to adapt. To make changes in order to improve or to keep up with change. Students today are jam packed with knowledge, creativity, energy, desire, and curiosity. In order to keep up with their ongoing developing brain, education also has to adapt. 

Educators and students grew up with different resources and tools. I am 27, to some I'm still young. But to my students I am no different than a fossil. For me to try and keep up with their technology, their apps, their programs, games and computers, would be like chasing a Formula 1 race car with a tricycle with square wheels. 

Innovation will come and will continue coming from the students, they know what they are capable of, they know what they are interested in learning, therefore as educators we should listen and cater to fit their demands. Educators are simple guides that help them stay on track. Students should realize that by combining their knowledge, and skills they can surpass their teacher by miles. We are their support to develop their ideas to the fullest and strive tot keep going further. The future is our children. Shouldn't they be the ones molding it?