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HD Lee

HD Lee

Brussels, Belgium


hi! I’m an educator who is based in Belgium. I’m running an organization that is running workshops and programs designed to help young people discover and deepen the meaning and purpose they assign to life, as well as to help them be resolutely in love with life. We do this by giving practical knowledge and skills that help the young person master their environment, their relationships, and themselves. You’ll find more information on our website: www.YourInfiniteNature.com

About me

I am a Chinese American Belgian educator whose life and professional experience has afforded me the privilege to spend considerable time in Asia, North America and Europe. Through my life's journey as well as that of my children, I became deeply motivated to do what I've started to do with my organization (Your Infinite Nature), which is running workshops and programs designed to help young people discover and deepen the meaning and purpose they assign to life, as well as to help them be resolutely in love with life.

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

Because I love the research that is being published by HundrED and I believe in what they are doing and the value these innovations may bring to youths around the world. Just as importantly, I want to be part of a community of educators who share the same passion for making the world a better place through education. We have strength in numbers, and the impact we have will multiply as a result of our cross-pollination and co-creation. 

How can education support students to flourish?

Education can help youths gain an unshakable sense of self-confidence and enthusiasm for all of life, including all of its ups and downs. Beyond this, education should not only help youths uncover their true potential, help them be well on their way to actualizing their potential, but also give them the tools to discover and pursue their unique purpose and meaning in life.

What role does innovation play in education change?

After having reviewed the innovations on HundrED.org’s website, I can say that innovation has a very important role to play in the changes that are needed in education. While the system faces many obstacles to change, innovative practices has the power to bypass the road blocks in a heart beat. Innovation is a tool; the tool is created by people who dared to be creative. Therefore, when schools see how others have found a way to do something different in order to cultivate qualities such as drive, persistence, ambition, compassion, curiosity, community mindsets and more, they become that much closer to taking that leap themselves. Transformation in education is more hopeful as HundrED continues to connect innovative practices (and people) from all over the world.

Three HundrED innovations you love. (and Why?)

The three HundrED innovations I love are:

1. Segni Mossi (because it teaches that creativity can involve the entire person rather than just their hands, and it looks SUPER fun!)

2. PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs (because this innovation has the potential to have students become deeply involved with the world around them, and it teaches very practical skills such as technology utilization, organization, communication, and more).

3. Dream Teams for every student (because every one needs a dream team, and it is difficult to think of anything more nourishing to a child’s confidence when he or she has a team of people around her to help her reach the goal she has set out for herself).

4. CommunityShare (because this innovation has the potential to help extend schools way beyond the physical structure of the school itself, which is how education should be. It also has the potential to bring communities together and create a virtuous cycle between the various parts of community and the developing youth).

Sorry, I know that is 4 rather than 3..what can I say? :)

Three innovations you would love for HundrED to know about. (and Why?)

More on this later.