Ganesh Subramanian

Ganesh Subramanian

Chennai, India

Let's reimagine Education for a reimagined Society Let's fight against Mediocrity in Education Let's Stand up for the Child

I represent Chrysalis an Education & Research Organization based out of Chennai, India. I believe Educators should unite to 'Re-imagine' Education for a 'Re-imagined' society. Chrysalis stands for Awakening Human Potential in every child and we impact more than 500,000 children in India. 

I believe that any noble thought should be scaled and sustainable. In the last 19 years I have been contributing to make Chrysalis scaleable and sustainable. 

I am hungry to learn, restless to innovate and of course make mistakes along the way :)

Hoping to connect with each one of you to 'Re-imagine' Education. 

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

Want to share some of the best practices and learn from the HundrED community

How can education support students to flourish?

Education need not support students to flourish.

Education should enable self-discovery of every child. 

What role does innovation play in education change?

Innovation is the pivot and the core in Education if we have to challenge and fight against Mediocrity in Education