Fundación  Escuela Nueva

Fundación Escuela Nueva

Escuela Nueva, meaning 'New School' in Spanish, transforms the conventional school model by rethinking the teaching and learning processes to ensure that every child, everywhere, receives high-quality, accessible and relevant education.

FEN is a Colombian NGO founded in 1987 by the authors of the Escuela Nueva pedagogical model and the core team that pioneered and developed the program. Since our founding, we have contributed to improve the lives of children and their families through education that empowers and enables them as individuals.

We are pioneers innovating and adapting the Escuela Nueva model to new contexts such as Escuela Activa Urbana for urban populations, and Escuela Nueva Learning Circles for out of school children in an emergency situation. We also lead the implementation and adaptation of these programs internationally in various countries. 

At FEN we have the audacious ambition of nurturing an ethos of peace and participation where children, teachers, and communities are the main actors of change; we envision a future where children can achieve outstanding opportunities and outcomes regardless of their context, through quality education. 

The current situation (COVID-19) has required from FEN a prompt adaptation of some tools of the Escuela Nueva Activa model, to respond to the needs of both teachers and students, and to facilitate the continuous use of the model to provide quality, flexible and relevant education. Our work plan proposes the adaptation of processes and instruments of the model, the pedagogical and creative use of different forms and channels of communication, and an articulated work with families.

Additionally, we have adapted the ENA Learning Guides to a lighter content version of the curriculum, and we launched a series of online resources to assist interested people and teachers in the implementation of this plan. Our purpose is to help them organize their work and understand the scope of the educational process in this new reality