Fakhira Najib

Fakhira Najib

Ms. Fakhira Najib has more than 17 years’ professional experience. She is currently working as Chief Executive with Power99 Foundation. She has conceptualized, developed and currently implementing “Broad Class – Listen to Learn” program for improving literacy, numeracy and healthy habits in children in public and non-formal schools in Islamabad, KPK, Punjab and Baluchistan in Pakistan. Ms. Fakhira has conceptualized and produced programs on education, reproductive health, women entrepreneurship, child protection and child rights and human rights. By profession Ms. Fakhira is an educationist and started her career as a Primary School Teacher with Federal Government. She was sent on deputation to an international organization involved in implementation of Interactive Teaching and Learning Program in public schools in Islamabad, Punjab and Sindh. She has worked on programs focused on enhancing professional skills of public school teachers and University faculty through extensive trainings. She conducted trainings of public and private school teachers and faculty of public universities including Mentors’ training for the sustainability of program.

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'Broad Class - Listen to Learn': Interactive Radio Instruction Program
Broad Class - Listen to Learn, Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) program delivers student-centered instruction that covers basic skills in universal, cross-cutting themes and general & universal pri