Ewan McIntosh

Ewan McIntosh

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Ewan McIntosh founded consulting firm a decade ago from his kitchen table in Edinburgh, growing it to offices around the world. He and his team work with people in schools, universities and companies to help them identify and overcome their greatest challenges, to work better together and rethink the environment in which they learn.

I lead projects around the world for clients in education and industry, and pioneered design thinking for learning in the classroom - any classroom. I am behind consulting firm NoTosh, working with a first class team to challenge the status quo and seek even better ways to improve outcomes for every young person on the planet.

I've been fortunate in my experiences as a keynote speaker, able to share the incredible stories I'm part of each and every week in schools and corporations, with lessons on how we can think and do differently. I also love hosting events around the world where others are in the spotlight, marrying intense prep work and a capacity to listen to shine a light on the best stories participants have to share.

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

In my work. I'm lucky to shape learning environments and experiences in some of the most impressive classrooms, schools and Board rooms on the planet. Sourcing and sharing stories of how it can be done differently is my day job, but I only wish more knew of the small things people can do that make a massive difference to learner outcomes.

How can education support students to flourish?

Most people do not choose the way they work. Because their organisations and companies don't encourage them to choose the way they think. Because the school system doesn't encourage them to choose the way they learn. Education - the system of education - can help students flourish when the system of education helps students choose the way they learn, think and work.

What role does innovation play in education change?

I'm always restless when someone says they've got a 'research-led' project, which they've not updated in the past month. The only way you know you've got the best possible experience for young people is to constantly test out new ideas in case there's one better way out there. And so it's vital that every educator keeps back a percentage of effort to try out something new.