Emmanuel Akasegri
Ambassador, Academy, Advisory

Emmanuel Akasegri

Tamale, Ghana

I am a HundrED Ambassador and a Fellow, Mathematics teacher at Lead for Ghana. I am passionate about community development and student academic and professional growth. I assist and facilitates students learning so that they can fully explore their potentials. I stand to alleviate the iniquities surrounding education by providing excellent education to every child irrespective of their backgrounds, sex and status.

My name is Emmanuel Akasegri. I live and was born in Ghana. I am a Fellow, Mathematics teacher at Lead for Ghana.I obtained my first degree in Bachelor of Education (Basic Education) at University for Development Studies, Tamale-Ghana. I have experienced working with children in the past in schools as a pupil-teacher and with institutions that supports child development in the past. Helping students to acquire quality education regardless of their backgrounds and geographical location is a great valueI hold dearly and always positioned myself to contribute in every way I can. I always try to be a support to students every whereI find myself in Ghana and to contribute positively towards their growth to become great leaders in society. I am passionate about community service and giving back to society in a positive way. I have expose my students to the world of through Yo Ghana which I am a Volunteer of. This helps my students to exchange letters with their peers in abroad.

 I have also volunteered and participated in STEM workshops including the 2019 Africa Science Week in Tamale. I have also undertaken the Eduspot Online course on Leadership and Action  and the advanced level of Global Development Course and have learnt and acquired knowledge and skills in community projects. I successfully completed both courses with Distinctions. I am a Volunteer of Peace First Organization  in my position I work with community stakeholders to identify common injustices in the community that needs immediate solution and together we find solutions to the injustice where I assist with the writing of proposals and facilitates the process.

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

HundrED community is ground of industrious personal and their goals of supporting community development and services as well a improving education and society to meet to meet the growing challenges of the world. I hold the same vision in life, so the is the need to placed myself in safe environment where together we can realize our visions. I joined HundrED community so that I could contribute positively to society.

How can education support students to flourish?

We can support students to flourish by providing them with quality education. Access to education regardless of their backgrounds, sex and status. Exposing students to the practical real world where they can explore.

What role does innovation play in education change?

Innovation improves the quality of education. It exposes students and educators to a more practical and challenging world. It improves learners creativity and confidence.

Three HundrED innovations you love. (and Why?)

1. Technovation

This innovation empowers girls and women in underserved communities with technological knowledge and skills making them capable of solving the challenges of the community. The development of such community is sustainable in the long run. It creates and promotes confidence and creativity in girls and women who most at time are neglected in education.

2. Self-sustaining Agriculture School Model

This is a group of peoples that helps learners to break the circle of poverty in poor communities by making learners employable and able to start their own business. They provide marketable skills to community members and students from less privileged background who could have been neglected from achieving their dreams. Learners have demonstrated a great impact on society over the years.

3. Global Sky Partners

This innovation provides special training to learners to become the next generation of scientist in developing countries. This will help boost the development in developing countries to meet their numerous challenges. This innovation has achieved a great level of  improvement and expansion over the years and previous learners have shown significant impact in the development of their communities.

Three innovations you would love for HundrED to know about. (and Why?)

1. Lead for Ghana

Teaching and Learning without internet at Lead for Ghana during this period of COVID-19 and schools closed.,

2.  Peace First Organization

Peace First empowers young people age 13-25 to create a just and peaceful world by providing digital tools, community support, start-up funding, and stories that celebrate their journeys and impact.

3. Yo Ghana

Yo Ghana is a student letter exchange program between Ghana schools and schools abroad. The program opens student's eyes to a culture unlike their own transforming lives in and outside the classroom.