Elliot Connor

Elliot Connor

, Australia

Changemaker and Conservationist; Founder and CEO of Human Nature Projects International

About me

I am the founder of Human Nature Projects, a charity aiming to reconnect people to the planet, creating a conservation community which is both accessible and empowering to those involved. Estabished in June of 2019, we have grown to incorporate almost 1000 volunteers in 100 countries in the space of only a few months. I am also one of the 2019 Youth Ambassadors to CoalitionWILD, the Australian Country Mobiliser for the Youth for Our Planet movement, Ambassador to the Laurence Anthony Earth Organization and Tunza Eco-Generation and a recent addition to the Jane Goodall Institute Australia’s National Youth Leadership Council.

Following a philosophy of taking every opportunity available, I have spent countless hours volunteering on conservation initiatives in his local community and worldwide. Those organizations he has assisted include WWF, The Nature Conservation Council, The Wilderness Society, Birdlife International, Taronga Conservation Society, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Greater Sydney Landcare, Zoological Lighting Institute, In Focus Conservation, Project Drawdown and Save the Frogs amongst others. I also established and continue to run the only field naturalists group in the Sydney area.

Throughout all this, I seek to act as a voice for biodiversity, for the environment- all of those downtrodden, unrepresented lifeforms which suffer at the hands of mankind’s advancement. I believes passionately that society as a whole must soon recognize its ties with the natural world and act on these if we are ever to achieve the prosperous future we all aspire towards.