Elena Petrucciano

Elena Petrucciano

Trento, Italy

Edtech passionate, Innovation & Entrepreneurship officer at Hub Innovazione Trentino Foundation (local non-profit that offer education and technology transfer support to the University of Trento and two centre of research), previously Biz Dev at Codemotion Kids (#1 in Italy - school of technology and coding for kids), mom of three.

Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
Education Cities
In a rapidly changing world that moves from the pyramid paradigm to the network paradigm, the primary mission of Education Cities is to develop the art of collaborations – in the classroom, in school,
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
NaTakallam connects displaced people — including refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, and beyond — with students around the world, to provide affordable, flexible and tailored language practice
The Creative Kids Zone (TCKZone)
TCKZone reaches out to thousands of kids in African communities and makes them ambassadors for technology, by organizing free training to introduce kids to coding, design, robotics, gaming, and other
Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
Playground Ideas
Building playgrounds to build brains. These unique, child designed playgrounds are built using local materials to provide abundant opportunities for daily play. Recent addition - Nüdel Kart; a decon