Dylan Bocanegra Avellaneda

Dylan Bocanegra Avellaneda

Bogotá, Colombia

Hey! I´m Dilan Bocanegra, I'm 20 years and I'm passionate about reading & history and a faithfull believer of education and it´s power. 100% Colombian.

Hello, I'm Dylan, I'm from Colombia and I'm 20  years old. I study Bussines communication in a public college and I'm a proud leader in a organization called Coschool where now an educator.

My mission in this life is to make the education a important topic in the national schedule and makes that every kid in my country has the same opportunities to have a qualitu education.

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

I'm a faitfull believer of education and it power, i believe that createing conections and communities we can share our knowledge, grow up in concepts and start working in our innovations projects.

Got this opportunity to know about the 100 innovations in education help me to know what the world is making to be a better place and so in addition to improving my leadership I can meet more people who have the same ideal make a change through education

How can education support students to flourish?

Education make flourish the students when the teacher give different tools like socioemotional learnings, different experiences and speechs to see the different life projects to be a proffesional person.