David Vidal
Ambassador, Country lead, Advisory

David Vidal

Educator and innovation facilitator. Co-Director of Aonia Education. Enjoy playing with edtech in schools. Shares his knowledge and experience with organizations like Singularity University, CoSN,...

Teacher and facilitator. Innovation leader at Aonia Education.

Since 2004 I have been fortunate to work combining two of my passions: education and technology. I am fascinated to analyze learning from the perspective of cognitive sciences, and I feel fortunate to experience the transformation that technology has brought about in this field. 

Also, I love cooking, I make bread, I play some instruments at The Royal Landscaping Society, and I love spending time with my family. Key words: Innovation, Education, Cognitive Sciences, Edtechs, web, Connectivism. 

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

I've been involved in innovations communities since 2009. I love sharing and learning from others, and believe in the impact of those communities in the schools.

How can education support students to flourish?

If you understand the term broadly, education is the way you can transform society and help to growth citizens.