Damien Aldridge

Damien Aldridge

Samford Village, Australia

Educational Director at STEM Punks and Global STEM Education advocate. I am passionate about making STEM accessible, engaging, relevant and most of all FUN!

I live in Brisbane, Australia. 

I am a huge Rugby fan, love the beach and the Australian outback. When I am not wrestling crocs (jokes), I enjoy creating engaging STEM programs for students and teachers to fully understand what 'STEM Education' is. 

There is a fundamental gap that needs linking between STEM Tool training, Education and Industry. I enjoy making programs / TV shows that involve (for example) rollercoasters AND then Educational STEM journey that is needed, including; Designing, Building, Failing and Experimenting.

I have been a teacher for 10+ years and the Educational Director at STEM Punks for 3 years, during this time STEM Punks has been nominated in 2018 Optus Business of the year, won 2019 Queensland Telstra Business of the year and in 2020 I have personally been recognised as Global Educational Influencer (The Excelligent Magazine).  

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

I am very keen meet the new innovators in Education and find ways to collaborate to bring new engaging teaching techniques to students all over the world.

How can education support students to flourish?

The more I new schools and new teachers coming through, the more I get inspired - I see that there is a new wave of Education coming through. If COVID-19 taught us anything is it that teachers are wanting to collaborate and students are very aware that there are other ways to acquire knowledge, rather than the standard 'chalk and talk'.

What role does innovation play in education change?

STEM Punks is all about Inspiring Tomorrows Innovators. Education is the tool to unlock unlimited potential with innovation, we will not solved 22nd Century problems with 21st Century thinking. The STEM Punk team is looking to inspire the next generation of Innovators, Explorers and Entrepreneurs.

Three HundrED innovations you love. (and Why?)

Trix and Trax - Cool ways for students to discover their talents O-Lab: education without barriers - love the scalability of this ASCD Whole Child Network - super impressed with how many schools that have helped

Three innovations you would love for HundrED to know about. (and Why?)

Arkki is a School of Creative Education for children and youth where pupils learn general innovation skills through architecture - this sounds really fun! Drone-based Interdisciplinary Learning & Entrepreneurship Education - we have a drone program, it would be great to see the teams curriculum alignment Super Hero's Academy - it would to see more programs with emotional skills