Christophe Menage

Christophe Menage

Chris is an interdisciplinary educational leader & founder of e2 with over 20 yrs’ of international experience, previously across private enterprise & government administration, and now in education.

2016 Australian Boarding Schools Association National Award winner for most innovative pastoral care program in residential learning. International and Indigenous boarding students collaborated with l
Cross - Cultural / Age / Campus learning
This program delivered non-standardised learning opportunities outside the classroom that saw students of different ages, cultures, campuses engage with each other on a peer to peer basis over 10 week
SPIRIT award
SPIRIT award celebrates key character traits, encourages creativity & personal development, harnesses positive energy & reinforces the importance of engaging with others to benefit the wider community
Educator agency - unleashing potential
A group of 14 experienced and passionate leaders came together online to explore the positive impact of educator agency on innovation & student outcomes. Our collaboration was an emergent process with
Designing learning spaces
Secondary school students immersed in an interdisciplinary unit of work across traditional subject areas - Humanities (Geography, Sustainability & Urban Planning), Mathematics (volume, mass etc), Desi
Schools as Communities
Wholistic approach to school strategy through the deliberate emphasis of connection between all facets of school life as a central learning tenet. This is reflected through recognition of learning in