Cecilia Villavicencio
Ambassador, Advisory

Cecilia Villavicencio

Río Cuarto, Argentina

Head of Studies at St Ignatius' College // Member of the IB educator network // Co-founder of SumaEducacion

I am an IB Diploma Programme graduate (Buenos Aires, Argentina). From 2006 to 2013 I was IB Latin America staff (until 2008) and the IB of the Americas (since 2009) as the Diploma Programme associate manager, in charge of evaluating programme implementation in schools from Canada to Chile. From August 2013 to July 2018, I was the Diploma Programme coordinator at SEK International School - Ciudalcampo in Madrid, Spain; I was also theory of knowledge teacher and head of the Humanities department, responsible for the implementation of the Harkness table methodology, and Round Square representative. At present, I am the Head of Studies at St Ignatius' College in Río Cuarto, Argentina. I have been a member of the IB Educator Network since 2013.

I have a degree in Language and Literature (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and am also a certified teacher, with a postgraduate course in School Management.