Arlene Tucker
Ambassador, Academy

Arlene Tucker

Helsinki, Finland

My aim is to build platforms and practices where people can come together and create awareness that we are important and an inspiration for each other. This is achieved through my art and teaching.

An awareness of one's own perception of the surrounding world can lend oneself to a more playful attitude. Often through process-based artistic practice and multi-disciplinary approach, I create dynamic and evolving spaces with installations, games, and images for individual and group play and interaction. Drawn from my academic training in semiotics, film and video, painting, professional toy & game design and reemerging art installation Translation is Dialogue, I raise consciousness of one's environment, the process of understanding, and the impact the viewer has on the artwork.

Translation studies carry a strong influence in my work, providing a platform for rigorous investigation into our unique ways of perceiving. I am inspired by the power of abstract images that can jolt the imagination and the art of storytelling in unexpected ways. My works come alive and grow with the viewer’s presence, participation and mediation while offering a new mode of understanding oneself and the collective human experience.

​Originally from Taiwan and the USA, I have been based in Helsinki, Finland since 2011.

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

Sharing different perspectives and listening to what everybody has to say is extremely important to me. Everybody deserves to be heard and I would like to hear what members of the HundreED Community have to say.  You all are such talented educators and creators and I would like us to learn from each other.