Anupam Sharma
Ambassador, Academy, Advisory

Anupam Sharma


Educator, teacher trainer, Ed-Tech enthusiast, Eduprenuer, 21st Century Skills trainer, Content Developer and SEL trainer.

I am a passionate learner and I am contributing towards creating interest and love for learning

science among my learners by focusing on Active Learning strategies. I have been successfully

using EdTech tools to enhance the learning experience of my learners. I am a professional Teacher

Trainer and have trained more than 2000 teachers.

I am Ambassador of the prestigious SDG CHOUPAL, Wakelet Ambassador and community leader,

3DBear Ambassador, Flipgrid Certified, Microsoft certified educator. I am working as SDG

Coordinator for my school where I am designing activities for students and conducting awareness

workshops on the same, training my colleagues too.

I am a part of Global Educators Community, working on an International Collaborative project on

#humanehappiness #lifeskills. worked on Goals Project on SDGs with my students.

I am an edupreneur, I have designed a short course on Introducing Entrepreneurship to the school

students. I have also presented my Research paper on Innovation in Education through

Entrepreneurship in International e-conference.

I have reviewed Innovation in Education from around the globe in 2022 collection by

I have been selected as a Panelist in the prestigious FicciArise webinar series held in the month of

May, 2020 and got a chance to share my views on Parental involvement and mental well being in

online learning during this Covid-19 pandemic.

I have more than 15years of teaching experience, contributing towards 21st Century skills training,

activity designing, designing science lessons on experiential learning.

I have contributed towards promoting SEL (socio-emotional learning) by writing my article on a

GLOBAL TEACHING COMMUNITY, also I have been writing articles for Cambridge TOT

community, have also shared my views on Professional Development at Community Radio platform

and have moderated educhats on social media platform, Twitter.

I believe that education is a lifelong process that enables us to grow and helps to achieve the

purpose of turning mirrors into windows.


Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

For learning, collaborating and innovating.

How can education support students to flourish?

It's the only way to flourish. With education students develop the right temperament, positive attitude, readiness for learning, right decision making and life skills to be future ready.

What role does innovation play in education change?

Innovation is one of the inherent components in education and keeps the spirit and love of learning alive. Innovation can bring the change in education by making education adaptative and learner oriented where every one happily learns, contributes and grows