Anna Joukivskaia

Anna Joukivskaia

Sofia, Bulgaria

Psychologist, Family Therapist and Career Advice Expert! I am trying to support students to find a meaningful personal and professional path! (And not be afraid to fail and try again)

Hey all,

My name is Anna and I am an experienced psychotherapist based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have been working with individuals, couples and families for some time now and it is truly inspiring to be able to provide emotional and psychological support. 

I had the great opportunity to work as a School Psychologist for 7 years in an international school in Sofia, where I was responsible for the psychological evaluation, psychological counseling of students, parents and teachers. Being a teacher in Psychology and Ethics was a game changer for me as I experimented with more creative and interactive methods of education, challenging my students to learn by doing, to critically assess and research psychological texts and to conduct their own studies in and outside school. My personal favourite was an experiment of the Bystander Effect which my students designed and implemented by themselves, recording their findings and presenting them in front of the class. Among the many extracurricular activities which I planned and organized were regular visits to the refugee camp here in Sofia where my students taught Bulgarian and English to the little children who had to live in the camp.  

I am very actively engaged in career guidance and counseling and at present work as an Admissions Counselor at the American University in Bulgaria where I have the happiness to meet with high school students and teachers on a daily basis. Psychological profiling of high school students and career workshops are one of my favourite activities and I try to approach the subject of the skill of the future in a more innovative and creative manner!

Breaking stereotypes in the social mindset is an onoing process for me and I truly believe that we need to be more tolerant among each other. I am working as a psychologist in Single Step - the first NGO supporting LGBT youth and their parents in Bulgaria. I am training the volunteers who are working in the first online chat supporting LGBT youth and am providing supervision on a regular basis.   

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

....because I believe that change is possible when we look for the small signs and elements and build a more sustainable network. The process should be from down to up not the other way round. And I believe that HundrED is approaching change exactly in this manner!