Albert liang  梁子穎

Albert liang 梁子穎


Albert Liang is a Taiwanese who is based in Singapore as an Architectural Education Innovator. He is the founder of BEEP Lab, promoting Built Environment Education Programme for children and youth. He also founded ArKIDecture, a Corporate Social Responsibility of SAA Architects. And adjunct Design Tutor at National University of Singapore, Architecture Department. He is happily married to his beloved wife Lau Soh Yong, who has been a core support of his education startup.

To help students blaze new trails in the future, BEEP’s founder Albert had to first embark on the path less taken. 

As a child, Albert had difficulties learning in school. But an arts and crafts workshop changed everything. 

At the workshop organised by a kindergarten based in Taipei , 7-year-old Albert discovered new ways to focus and assimilate knowledge. Through art of making his mind opened up to alternative ways of learning, and building on his competencies. 

When he attended secondary school in Singapore , Albert brought together a community of subject experts who helped one another learn more efficiently. The shared successes they enjoyed inspired Albert to start something bigger. 

Albert was attending architecture school in National Universtiy of Singapore. This was when they realized that architecture education is more than just preparing one to be an architect in the workforce. It became apparent: That there is more to the curriculum that architects go through, it also prepare us to be independent thinkers, curious learners and active change makers. 

To change the status quo, Albert decided to improve the way children learn by embarking on his own journey to relearn, unlearn and learn about architecture through the lens of children and youth. 

He believes that by equipping ourselves with the lens to develop a new point of view of the world around us, we could be better equipped to make decisions of what are we interested to learn and to do to better serve our society. 

Architecture, after all, is equal parts art and science – a craft that requires a mind that’s both imaginative and inquisitive. 

Fours years on since Jan 2015, as BEEP Lab is officially registered on 1st Oct 2018.  And is now a registered social enterprise in Singapore. Today, Albert and his team of BEEP Learners ( the team is made up of mothers, design students and many passionate educators who believe in learning by design) still constantly evolving their curriculum to empower young minds to excel in design and architecture. 

At BEEP, every student will start off by discovering the joy of learning. As they grow into artists and architects, they will join the industry as specialists with wholly relevant skills, and more than a decade of creative experience. 

With BEEP, young life long learners of our built, natural and cultural environment will be well-placed to lead any organization into unchartered territory. 



快 樂 追 築

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

No man can make a difference to the world alone. I need to connect and learn from the world. And I recognise that HundrED is a platform for us to learn about the diversity of educational approaches to value add to society. 

How can education support students to flourish?

Education begins with the heart. with the desire to shape and nurture our soul, mind and body to be a holistic person. Learning compassion, empathy, attitude and curiosity to discover. I believe education can support students to gain the awareness and analytical and sensitivity to differentiate between what is black and white and make sense of the different shades of grey. And learn to stand firmly on the ground and make a stand for something that is worthy to fight for.. a man's soul spirit and heart.

What role does innovation play in education change?

Innovation does not need to be new, in fact nothing is new under the sun. But the act of innovation is the start of taking responsibility and ownership of things. and the willingness to take extra steps to better our approach to learn. And the realisation that we are forever a learner.. we are always a student at various point of our lives. that is key to wards education. there isn't a finish point, but we are always on the pathway to learning, discovery and refinement of our better self and also to serve others around us.