Alaina Smith

Alaina Smith

South Berwick, United States

Student in the state of Maine in the US. As we all know, change starts with the kids, so let's work together, child in hand with teenager in hand with adult, to realize our visions together!

I'm a high school student, realizing and experiencing the effect of the holes in our education system right now. I took the initiative this past year to apply to an early college program in order to fill one of those holes, education about the world we live in, not just the country. I am currently studying World Politics and I aspire to become a Foreign Service Officer for the US one day, in order to encourage international communication between government and non-governmental actors in the global community. I truly believe world-wide communication, with the use of 21st century technology, can solve the biggest problems at the core of our society. 

However, change does not happen over night. Many of the best reforms in our society have been grass-roots movements, like HundrED itself! My vision is to help schools use the technology they already have, or provide them with technology, in order to facilitate communication worldwide between students.  Like Jane Goodall once said, "Children can change the world." Who knows what progress we could make if we could all just talk to one another?