Adwait Dandwate

Adwait Dandwate

Jalgaon, India

I am a development sector practisioner working as a Founder - Executive Director of Vardhishnu - Social Research & Development Society, a not-for-profit based out of Jalgaon, Maharashtra. 

Vardhishnu works to provide a safe, secure and happy childhood to street children specially  child waste pickers and child labors. 

How can education support students to flourish?

J. Krishnamurthy always used to say that, “todays education does not teach “How to think” rather it teaches “What to think”.” Current educational system is not admiring or encouraging creativity. The ultimate aim of today’s education is to gain technical knowledge which will enable one to earn money. It focuses on skills only and fails to nurture the good values and vision in students. Technical knowledge can help to earn money, it might create people with high caliber, but there will be lack of creativity/innovation in their life.

For me, the system of education is not a rigid structure, but as Vinoba Bhave suggests, it is “a seed thought”, to challenge the true nature of freedom of the person, and to discover an education that liberates oneself.