Bianca Peel
Ambassador, Advisory

Bianca Peel

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Supporting educators to create holistic curricula, learning programmes & training materials. Advocating SEL, STEAM, nature connection, and place based learning for sustainabilty.

Supporting educators, companies & organisations to create curricula, learning programmes & training materials. Advocating the importance of social & emotional learning(SEL), nature connection, language eduation & place-based learning.

I am an extremely passionate and highly experienced leaarning creative. Experienced in a variety of pedagogical areas including English language teaching, Montessori pedagogy and Early Childhood Education and Outdoor Education. My core beliefs and passion lie in education being the key to positive change and a right for inclusion for all. I have a plethora of varied experience in numerous fields, not limited to learning and teaching, which have provided me with valuable transferable skills. My academic background is extensive with a (B.Ed. Hons.) in English and Education, a (BA) in Language and Education and a Cambridge In-Service Certificate in English Language Teaching(ICELT). Having taught for many years, I am extending my expertise into projects in holistic, STEAM and place-based learning approaches, teacher training, curriculum and learning resource design as well as online provision of programmes.

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