Anna Gower

Anna Gower

I am a freelance music education consultant and head of Training and Development for Musical Futures International. I advise and support people to bring things to life for young people, communities, practitioners and educators no matter where they are in the world​. I love travelling and listening to the stories that have brought people to where they are, learning together through making music and reflecting on how to make Music Education a relevant and valuable experience for all.

I am a qualified teacher and have worked in various schools as a Head of Music and Advanced Skills Teacher across the last 20 years. Alongside that, I have worked since its inception for Musical Futures, first a consultant and core team member for Musical Futures in the UK. I have scoped and developed resources and training programmes for teachers, led on social networking, marketing and comms for the organisation and the establishment and nurturing of an online community of music educators across the world.. I have also played a major part in helping to shape the strategic direction of Musical Futures to date both in the UK and internationally. 

My current consultancy with Musical Futures International has a a focus on growing the MF international brand, developing, marketing and delivering new teacher workshops worldwide and supporting new partnerships and projects to ensure that the 'Future' is securely embedded into Musical Futures.

I also spent 2 years working with Trinity College London as part of the Academic Team. I learned a huge amount about awarding bodies and qualifications as well as gaining a good understanding of assessment and creativity in music.

I am about to move from the UK to Thailand where I hope to continue to work with music educators across the world as well as support my family to settle into what I am sure will be a great adventure for us all!

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

Through my work with Musical Futures International and Trinity College London, I have developed a love of travel and meeting educators across the world ,finding out about their stories and what has brought them to where they are. 

I love to learn more about innovation, what this means and looks like in different contexts and then think about how it might apply to the area I work in. 

I love to write and to capture and share ideas and reflections with others and as well as writing for other organisations, I also have my own blog where I record these. I believe that learning never stops and we all have much to be gained from working together. Global networks of practice such as the HundrEd Community are vital to ensure that creativity and student led learning remains central to the education no matter where in the world we find ourselves!