Sarah Giddings

Sarah Giddings

Teacher Leader at WAVE. National Teacher-Powered Schools Ambassador.

Sarah Giddings is a National Board Certified Teacher who is a teacher leader and curriculum coordinator for the WAVE Program—a reimagined teacher-powered alternative high school she helped develop. Sarah is also a National Teacher-Powered Ambassador, handling social media for Teacher-Powered Schools, and coordinates professional learning opportunities for the Washtenaw Educational Options Consortium. Sarah is proud to serve as the SEL coordinator for the Washtenaw Intermediate School District. She was a Hope Street National Teaching Fellow and America Achieves Fellow. She has led professional learning on a multitude of her passions including transformative SEL, assessment literacy, teacher-powered leadership, education innovations, technology, policy, and trauma-informed approaches.

She spent several years as a teacher-leader in Chicago Public Schools, designing cutting-edge GIS and student advisory curriculums. Sarah graduated with a M.Ed in K-12 Administration, certificate in Ed Technology, and B.A., all from Michigan State University.

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Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

Our school is highly innovative and collaborative. Looking for other innovative education opportunities and education connections. Teacher-Powered Schools are about centering student learning around those that are closest to students. Themselves and their teachers. Looking for those in the HundrED community that support those beliefs.