Anoop Erakkil
Ambassador, Academy

Anoop Erakkil

Thrissur, India

Parent, Edupreneur, Collaborator, Learner

Ribbon FINLAND 100
Lapsilähtöinen hyvinvointimalli
Lapsilähtöisessä hyvinvointimallissa käyttäytymistä ohjataan kolmiportaisen tuen ja vuorovaikutustaitojen kehittämisen näkökulmasta. Oppilaita tuetaan tavalla, jossa oppimisen ilo ja hyvinvointi tuoda
Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
Snail-Based Learning
A model for structuring learning activities and projects that fosters sustainable learning by integrating different 'ways of knowing' in each activity or project.
Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
Democratic Kindergartens
Democratic Kindergartens enshrine children’s rights into a kindergarten constitution where children use their voice to shape rules and make decisions, guided by understanding and fairness, to provide
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Project DEFY: Design Education for Yourself
At Project DEFY: Design Education for Yourself, the mission is to change the way people think and ignite individual passions so students can believe in their abilities to educate themselves, others an
Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
The Museum School
The Museum School reduces educational inequality by bringing schooling to underprivileged children in the form of their local museums, giving them high-quality infrastructure, teachers and materials,
A Handbook: for Biscriptal English Learners: "According to the Script"
The majority of new learners of English today are coming from parts of the world that do not use the Roman alphabetic script. A new approach to the teaching of English as an Additional Language is re
Early Reading
Early Reading starts in Nursery School and the children start primary school reading. The procedure is simple and not expensive. Pair the printed word with an image and the spoken word and the chil