Sharation! Sharing/Celebrating the project

Sharation! Sharing/Celebrating the project

Celebrate the project by sharing with others what your students have achieved.

It is important to not just celebrate but to allow students to share their learning with others.

Find the right audience that may include parents, other students, school staff, community members, experts and mentors who have helped with the project, etc.

Make it informative. Make it interesting. Make it fun. Be creative.

Some ideas include:

Example from Liger

Every 7 weeks at Liger they have a Sharation (sharing/celebration) where all project teams (We 8-10 projects going every 7 weeks) present their projects to all the other students, staff, and outside guests. People attending the events include other school groups including teachers and students from other schools, parents, Cambodian organizations, business, and government officials. Most importantly, they invite people who have been involved with the projects such as mentors, people who have been interviewed, places we visited, experts, etc.  These events usually last about 3 hours and presentations range from having a booth to screening a documentary to demonstrating original products, etc.