Making Meaning With Your Project Product

Making Meaning With Your Project Product

Ideally, the project will contain a final product or action that causes change or serves a meaningful purpose. If students are working on something real and meaningful they will be more engaged and will learn more deeply.

Dependent on the project, this product can take many forms. Some examples of meaningful products or actions could include: podcasts, documentaries, reports, plays, installations, stories, inventions or designs, environmental cleanups, building projects, informative books, app development, etc.

Determine who or what entity would would best be served by knowing about the project or product.

The main trick is to not just complete a video or play or document, but to make it have practical or useful meaning to someone or something in the real world.

Example from Liger

At Liger, most of our projects have a project contain a final product or action that causes change or serves a meaningful purpose.

A few examples of these products or actions we have done include:

One of the products for the Dinosaurs in Cambodia product is this report created entirely be students. This research report is being sent to paleontologists around the world to help students identify types of dinosaurs found in Cambodia, etc. Also, the report is being presented by the Cambodian Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy to an Asian Geosciences conference in October, 2017. The report may also be distributed to media outlets in Cambodia to announce the first dinosaurs discovered in the country. This group of students is also finalizing a video documentary of the discovery, research methods used, etc.

This one report has a lot of impact beyond our school.