Creating Project Templates

Creating Project Templates

Planning for projects is critical. By completing a project-based learning plan for each project allows for a greater chance of success.

Some projects cannot be completely planned out in great detail as unique opportunities often arise during the project that may enhance the overall project. For example, if the project entails writing a book about the geography of your local region, it may not be planned to visit people during a trip of the region to document the geography. It is good to maintain flexibility of time to possibly interview this person.

For experiential aspects of your project that entail travel outside of school, a pre-trip is highly recommended to sort out logistics of the trip with students such as schedules, people you will meet, costs, etc.

This is a basic project template.

  • Project Summary: a short summary of the whole project

  • Essential Questions: big or important questions your students will answer when you finish the project

  • Project Outcomes: what students will be able to do/write/create/build

  • Project Mentors: people who will inspire and guide students through project

  • Field Experiences: real-life experiences your students will have to gain deeper perspectives

  • Skills acquired: skills you want all students to gain from the project

  • Core Curriculum Areas: subject areas or topics involved in the project (technology, math, science such as physical world (eg electricity); living world (eg biology); planet earth (eg. climate); the material world (eg. chemistry), literacy, etc.

  • Final Product/Action, etc.  authentic final product or action that causes change or serves a meaningful purpose.

  • How do you address the following in this project?

    • Reading (resources)

    • Writing

    • Technology

    • Making a difference, project importance

    • The world as a Classroom

  • Students involved in this project

  • Timeline of Activities – outline of basic activities that will be completed for each week.

    • Week 1

    • Week 2

    • Week 3

    • Week 4  


Example from Liger:

The project plan from the Dinosaurs in Cambodia project