Develop a project idea

Develop a project idea

Develop an idea for your experiential project based learning experience. Ideally teachers work together with students to determine the best idea for the project. For some projects the teachers determine the projects ahead of time.

Ideas should be developed in a timely manner before the project begins; however, enough flexibility should be considered to alter the course of the project if opportunities arise during the project that add value to the learning.

A good project does not need to include all criteria listed below, but an attempt should be made to implement as many as possible. The more the criteria used, usually a better product is obtained. Not all criteria are appropriate for all projects.

Some criteria to consider when deciding on a project idea - Does the proposed project:

Example from Liger: 

The first dinosaur footprints were discovered in Cambodia by the Cambodian Ministry of Mines and Energy in 2016. Students found out about this while interviewing Ministry officials about another project being conducted. Since the government and universities in Cambodia currently do not have the capacity to study such a find,  students and staff decided to consider a project around the dinosaur footprint discovery.  

The project fit many of the criteria, for example: