Share the idea

Share the idea

Build the movement by reaching out to teachers, parents and the community.

Start with a small group of teachers and demonstrate the difference between teaching and tutoring. Tutor them on a few school subjects to be mastered and incorporate interested students. In turn, the group will train fellow students and/or teachers in how to learn in dialogue, and so expand a learning community.

Learning in dialogue is visible and demonstrable, so organize public demonstrations attended by parents and relatives. Organize tutoring exchanges –fairs in which to proudly share earned knowledge with neighboring schools. 

The Redes de Tutoría approach can be used with younger learners too. 

In the primary school "Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla" in the community of Guacamaya, in the State of Mexico, the educational revolution is already bearing fruits.

In March 2011, a team from the Mexican Ministry of Education's Integral Strategy to Improve Academic Achievement (Estrategia Integral para la Mejora del Logro Educativo, or EIMLE) trained students and teachers at this school in a new pedagogical method called relación tutora, to bring about a fundamental change in the school's results and culture. Relación tutora promotes a close academic relationship between tutors that have mastered certain materials from Mexico's basic education curriculum and those tutees that want to master these materials. Students are already making this methodology their own.