Familiarize yourself with the learning modules and lesson plan

3DBear includes several different learning modules that can be used in different subjects.

Each lesson plan is comprehensive and applicable to different age groups. Lesson plans include homework assignments as well as distinct tasks for different types of learners, and templates for a learning diary and self-assessment.

The Architect learning module

In the architect game learning module students of all ages learn architecture using 3D printing and get to play an apartment rental game.

You can read through the Architect module’s lesson plan for free on 3DBear’s website.

The Avatar-learning module

The Avatar learning module allows students to create a virtual character or an avatar. The model explores 3D printing from the beginning of the design process starting with an idea, through the modeling process, to printing, and finally to post-processing the model prototype.

The possibilities are endless and your imagination will sweep you away!

Connect-the-dots game module

Connect-the-dots is an exciting VR-headset game, in which scales and number sequences are learned through multi-sensory learning methods. The scales can later be realized by 3D printing. Number sequences are in turn the basis of modern software development.

You can also use 3DBear's free VR application separately. You’ll need Google Cardboard glasses and a smartphone app which you can download from Appstore or Google Play.

World of Shapes module

Using AR-technology students will be able to modify the surrounding world. Use the technology to redesign your home town or classroom!