Consider how to create opportunities through design to encourage physical exercise and get children running joyfully.

Play and exercise are vital parts in the day for children. When considering design find ways to incorporate the element of circles into your play spaces.

When the Tezuka Architects brought their kids to the original kindergarten site, they kept making circles around the chairs. They felt like it was as if they had an instinctive need to do this, like a puppy trying to bite its own tail by running in circles.

After it was noted that children love running in circles this is what Fuji Kindergarten became - a large, one-story, oval-shaped kindergarten, well known to accommodate over 600 children freely running around the oval-shaped roof. 

Carry this design inspiration to your building so that the children could keep running, never knowing when to stop! 

It might even benefit your staff... The principal at Fuji also used to make rounds through each of the buildings, even though the existing kindergarten was not connected in a loop so the Kindergarten is also a circular shape for him, so that he too never knows when to stop!