Induction Program: Month 2

Induction Program: Month 2

In this phase, a DEFY core-member spends an entire month in the community, with the Nook.

The task is to get the Nook started and build the self-learning and self-governance routines together with the community.

The Induction program is designed to not be instructional, but rather an experience of using the space and working on the natural questions that arise among the new users.

The learners start building projects, understand the basic way in which the Nook works. This involves rules and regulations for the Nook and necessary roles.

By the end of the program, the learners get some idea of projects they generally like and know how to use the Internet to find information. They also begin to understand how to manage the Nook.

An Admin or Nook Manager is put in place, who ensures the doors are open and acts as a channel for communication with the Nook.