Implementing connected education

Implementing connected education

In the fourth stage, a municipal education group accelerates all the co-operation that exists in the city and connects the education system to create a "smart city".

This stage brings the new model into practice.

This collaborative work can take place in the classroom, at school, in the city, and in the world. Laboratory participants flourish and work with energy and inspiration, allowing them to dream, learn, and try. Their enthusiasm, even if directed at a small island of innovation, is contagious and produces a movement of joint creation throughout the city. In return, they gladly contribute to its development and pride in their belonging to it.

For example, in the city of Netanya each school conducted a meaningful process of defining and expressing its uniqueness.

Parents could, for the first time, choose the school that suited their child and not just send the kids to their neighborhood school. After this, the city began to generate a network of schools, supporting and teaching each other.