Getting to know each other

Getting to know each other

In order to promote cooperation, Education Cities organization create and operate the Educational Urban Innovation Lab as a platform for cultivating and developing general urban collaborations. 

The laboratory deals with municipal challenges while empowering and supporting individual participants. These can be teachers, principals, education system leaders, representatives of various organizations, business people, artists and any resident interested in taking part in the success of the challenges.

In the laboratory, the individual participants become a group that empowers and supports its details and uses their unique abilities.

In the first stage, the laboratory is busy creating cooperation between all its participants.

They deepen the acquaintance between the assigned education cities' people, the city's leaders, schools principals etc. This is for the purpose of finding out what are the dreams, passions and ambitions of all the partners, so they can express these elements and build together a plan that will result in a wide agreement.