Simulation 45 min

The first scene happens on a sidewalk outside of the school just as the school day is ending and students are leaving through the school gate.

“Somebody is gluing posters warning against the dangers of Islam in front of the school. A young passer-by tries to rip down the posters and defend Islam, which sparks an argument with the person putting up the posters.

When students and parents arrive on the sidewalk, the argument grows. The situation aggravates in the small group and soon people start shouting over each other. A teacher comes to see what is going on and soon ends up participating in the fight.

Once the altercation has continued for a few minutes and emotions start to boil over, the person gluing the posters and the first passer-by decide to leave the scene, shouting insults at each other as they leave.”                   

After this first scene it is up to the group how the simulation will proceed. The input of every participant, both as an individual and a group member, will affect the outcome of the exercise, i.e. if a solution can be found or not.

Students may move around like they would in a real city area. You can walk away from the crowd and seek a more peaceful setting for discussion, arrange meetings with others, or use the phone or the internet to communicate.