Assigning roles and preparation for them 60min

You can ask students to familiarize themselves with the role during class or at home.

There are nine roles in the material and because classrooms have different numbers of students you will probably have to have several people play the same role. This can lead to interesting interaction between different interpretations of the same role.

Teacher: Figure out or discuss with the students how the roles should be divided. Hand out a role description to each participant accordingly. Note: The role “young fundamentalist muslim” can be modified, if the topic seems to be too sensitive for the students.

Role 1:  Syrian mother who is now a refugee

Role 2: Young Islamic fundamentalist

Role 3: Teacher

Role 4: Far right activist

Role 5: Teenage refugee from Syria

Role 6: Aid worker

Role 7: Child who is native to the country

Role 8: Reporter

Role 9: Local politician

On page 15 you will find instructions on how to develop the roles of the teacher, aid worker and reporter.