Student assessment

Students can develop their independence and take ownership of their learning, if they know what the goals are and what the criteria used for grading are.

The grading scale can be demonstrated by showing what a beginner’s skills look like and what a proficient learner’s skills look like.


The students use the Me-notebook as a tool for self-evaluation. Students will note their strengths and progress in the notebook with space for parents’ comments.

Homegroup evaluation

At the beginning, middle and end of the process, students will do self-evaluation, peer evaluation and group evaluation in their home groups. The evaluations will be compared to the goals set in the beginning. The students will gain a concrete idea of their own skills and development both as individuals and group members.

Teachers working in unison

The teacher's’ responsibility is to make observations on how the students are learning, growing and developing throughout the year. During assessment, co-teaching makes it possible for each teacher to notice or observe different things in students at different times. Remember to write down and share your observations with each other.