Creating common rules for the class and sticking to them

Students should have a say in the classroom rules.

The teachers must explain what it means to have two teachers in charge instead of one and how things will work with two teachers.

For example, it is not helpful if one teacher forbids something from a student, who then immediately goes to ask the other teacher about it. But if a student finds it easier to work with one of the teachers, the student can discuss their issues only with this teacher.

Have a healthy conversation with the students at the beginning of the year about what the class will be like as a working community, what the goals are for the year, what the class values are and what is good about having two teachers. Class rules will help students work as a group and participate in lesson planning, as well as maintain a good atmosphere.

The finalized class rules will be printed out to be signed by all students and teachers. The rules will be shown to parents at home.