Shared goals are a vital part of getting starting with co-teaching.

Dedicating oneself to co-teaching requires finding a suitable partner to work with and commitment from the school leadership. It is best to start before the beginning of the next school year to adjust timetables to work with the co-teaching.

It is a good idea to start with a healthy discussion with your colleague. Familiarize yourself with each other’s work, strengths and teaching philosophy. It is important that even when you have different ideas (which will happen), you share the will to grow and develop your skills and you have similar teaching philosophies. Remember to document your discussion.

At this phase, recognizing your strengths is crucial so that you can use both partners’ skills and knowledge in a broad and complementary way.

It is smart to discuss the idea of combining classes and expanding the co-teaching into something deeper with the leadership. To change the school culture, you will need the support of the leadership, as the new way may affect school timetables and other things. You can also gain valuable support from other leadership sources, such as communicating and collaborating with parents.