Explore the facilitator guide

Explore the facilitator guide

Speed Schools has created a detailed facilitator guide - a great resource for educators looking to try out the program themselves.

Training for teachers is very intensive and a very different model of teaching to the traditional model where teachers are trained from scratch. It’s a very different form of teaching where they need to unlearn what they have learned and relearn a new approach.

Teachers undergo a rigorous 3-week training, studying and practicing how to effectively teach the child-centric, play-based pedagogy. There is also a mid-year training. Students are in school for 10 months, 5-6 days per week, 7-8 hours per day.

The Speed School pedagogy emphasizes student-teacher interaction, and teachers are vital to ensuring students learn material thoroughly as well as quickly. We recommend that class sizes are limited to 25 students per teacher. The number of teachers needed will depend on the number of students you intend to reach, keeping this ratio in mind.

Further information can be found in the facilitator guide.