Connect school with home to empower parents

Connect school with home to empower parents

Talking Stickers enables parents to become partners in learning

Stickers can also be provided for unstructured play and encouraging parent-child interaction at homes. These stickers can be open-ended and/or provide a learning tool for parents to follow their child’s learning at home. Stickers can also be used in library books that are taken home, encourage the child to read and record, capturing the learning moments for the child to share at school or with peers.

For many parents, time can be a significant barrier to talking to and teaching their children. Talking Stickers ask parents to give 20 minutes a day to using Talking Stickers and have found so far that the response has been favourable.

‘Parents felt empowered with a learning tool at home that was fun and integrated at home. Children loved hearing their parents’ and siblings’ voices. Children loved playing with stickers at home.’ Field testing report